We Rise By Lifting Each Other

Humans are social beings. We yearn for connection and companionship, relishing in times of health and prosperity with our loved ones and holding each other up during challenging experiences. Relationships are forged and strengthened by the sharing of trauma, allowing for healing to begin. Showing vulnerability and asking for help is not a sign of weakness, but rather courage. The act of giving fills our cups and gives meaning to our lives. It is the best win-win situation out there.

“I see you, I hear you, I feel you.”

I spoke these words recently to a room full of people impacted by breast cancer. I have been there. Navigating two diagnoses in my own life and subsequently working with others impacted by it. I began volunteering at Breast Friends, then became their Programs Assistant. In February 2023, I ended a 2 year run of hosting the Breast Friends Cancer Support Network podcast. Each of these experiences have led me on a new path for my future.

My career passions are twofold, yet complementary.

I want to inspire others who have faced trauma or adversity by sharing what I have learned from cancer and other challenging times. My first book, I Never Liked Pink: Lessons That Cancer Taught Me, is out now on Amazon! It is not a memoir, but a compilation of wisdom I gained as I moved through diagnosis, treatment, survivorship and beyond. There is hope, you just have to reach for it and take that scary, first step into a new life.

Find your gift and then give it away.

Our world is full of countless individuals and organizations, whether it be through a non-profit or individually, who help those less fortunate or in need of something they provide. On my podcast We Rise By Lifting Each Other, I am searching out and speaking with those who give back and provide opportunities or goods to those in need . . . just because. Helping others fills your soul. Everyone benefits when goodness is shared. There will be times in life when you give less and need more. If you help someone, they may help someone else and the circle keeps going. Whether it be the sharing of information, time, or physical things, the giver will be richer for it.

Let’s Rise Together.

To strengthen the muscles of your heart, the best exercise is lifting someone else’s spirit whenever you can.

― Dodinsky, In the Garden of Thoughts


A crisis highlights all of our fault lines. We can pretend that we have nothing to learn, or we can take this opportunity to own the truth and make a better future for ourselves and others.

― Brene Brown

Like a stone thrown into a pond, a good deed can create ripples that extend far beyond the initial splash.

— Jeanne Phillips aka “Dear Abby”

The We Rise By Lifting Each Other podcast is available on all major platforms.

I Never Liked Pink: Lessons Cancer Taught Me is available on Amazon.


Healing Through Adversity . . . By Rising Together